Talent Concept

The company's management team is stable, and the core personnel all have rich R&D and management experience. The company's development adheres to the "people-oriented" concept, pays attention to talent training, talent echelon construction and optimization of talent structure, and constantly improves the incentive mechanism to achieve the company's sustainable development. The company insists on continuously establishing a clearly visible career development path for employees. While conducting professional training, it sets up diversified career development paths and diversified value realization paths. Under the premise of meeting corporate development goals, it respects employees to make an independent choice, based on your personal career inclination, with your personal director.

Education System

Employees are the company's precious resource and wealth, and the company attaches great importance to investment in employee training and development. We hope that by providing abundant learning resources and learning opportunities, we will continue to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of our employees to help them accelerate their growth and ultimately achieve the goal of common development between employees and the company.

New Employee Training
Professional Skills Training
General Skills Training
Management & Leadership Training
Ningbo Co-Star Materials Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

Recruit the following positions

Position name Position type Department Work place Number of recruits Release date
Regional Manager Business Distribution Department Ningbo 10 2021-12-05

Job Responsibilities:


1. Exploit the market in a large area of management responsibility;

2. Responsible for the implementation of market research and forecasting, and formulate countermeasures and preparation strategies;

3. Responsible for integrating market information and proposing relevant measures according to market conditions;

4. Regularly communicate with cooperative dealers and maintain a good long-term cooperative relationship;

5. Keep abreast of market trends in time, analyze market trends, characteristics and development trends, and reasonably develop new sources of customers and markets;

If you want to apply for this position, please send your resume to the mailbox:



Job Requirements:


1. Experience in g management building materials industry is preferred;

2. Ability to analyze business development and data requirements;

3. Able to accept domestic regional work deployment and long-term business trips.